Metal Plate Printing Solution

To create exquisite metal aluminum prints, you need an intelligent UV metal sheet printing machine, which can direct print on metal sheets. With outstanding performance, YOTTA UV flatbed printers are able to do this for you, and deliver excellent printing results and high ink adhesion on metal plate.

Printing CMYK, Lc, Lm white ink and varnish, our metal sheet printing machines are able to create attractive effect such as 3D, embossed and glossy on metal plate, the printed effect is vivid and natural.

Inkjet Printing on Aluminum Sheet

Using high-adhesion UV printing ink and high quality coating liquid, YOTTA flatbed printer has the capability of inkjet printing wear-resistant and lasting images on aluminum sheets. Besides, with grey-level industrial printheads, our printers deliver stable working performance and high resolution. Whether it is for creating wall prints, large format aluminum partition walls, aluminum ceilings, signs or boxes, brilliant metal aluminum printing can be achieved.

Inkjet Printing on Stainless Steel

Same as printing on aluminum sheet, YOTTA flatbed printers also print fine images on stainless steels. You can customize the print pattern according to the actual purpose, such as signs and decoration.

Metal Plate YOTTA Printers