Digital Leather Printing Solution

Compared to traditional leather printing, digital UV printing on leather is easier and more economical. YOTTA flatbed printers deliver excellent printing results on leather. You can use our machines to print leather handbags, leather uppers, wallet, leather belts and more. And you will get a satisfactory response beyond your expectation

For digital leather printing, our machines use high-quality and high-adhesion UV soft ink. When the leather material is folded or bent, it will not cause any pattern deformation and fading.

Print Leather Handbags

Creating diversified and colorful patterns on leather handbags is easy to achieve with YOTTA digital printing machine. Our UV printer support full color printing with C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White ink and Varnish. As well as high definition, they provide designers with unlimited creative space.

Print Custom Leather Uppers

Our printers have the ability to produce durable UV printed leather uppers with delicate patterns. Usually, it can be used for several years. The printing ink we use is eco-friendly and no VOC, suitable for various materials.

Leather YOTTA Printers