1. Adopting Ricoh Gen5 industrial printhead, original imported Panasonic servo.

2. Maximun print size of 2500mm × 1300mm (8′ × 4′), print thickness of 100mm.

3. High print resolution of 600 × 2400 DPI.

4. Print C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White ink, Varnish.

YD-F2513R5 is a competitive digital UV printer using original imported Panasonic servo system, which makes it work stably and have long life time that more than 10 years. Adopting new 3-8 pcs grey level Ricoh Gen5 internal heating industrial micro Piezo print head, It can ensure smooth ink jetting when printing. This machine has 7 colors options with 7-35pl variable droplet printing capability, making precise and intensive UV printing. It can print any flat materials that thickness are less then 100mm .

Advance Features

1. Ricoh Gen5 print head

Imported from Japan, Ricoh Gen5 print head is the high level print head in the industry. With the variable ink droplet range of 7-35pl, it’s highest print resolution is 600 × 2400dpi. Besides, the lifetime of Ricoh printhead can be longer than 5 years if it is well maintained.

2. Drawer type ink barrel unit

YD-F2513R5 digiatal UV flatbed printer adopts new upgraded ink barrel unit, so to make the change of ink more convenient and have more benefits to the maintenance of ink system, also saving more time.

3. Automatic thickness measuring

YD-F2513R5 has automatic thickness measuring unit that can measure the thickness of substrates automatically. This function can make printing more precise, labor-saving and time-saving.

4. Automatic anti-collision function

When coming across with collision ,the print head carriage will stop automatically in order to protect printheads and the whole machine from damage.

5. Ink thermostat system

This system helps the printer keep ink viscosity in low temperature. It can adapt to ambient temperature automatically, ensuring high-quality digital UV flatbed printing.

6. Negative pressure system

The negative pressure system let the ink supply smoothly, as well as avoiding the phenomenon of broken ink, also save more ink.

7. Multi-color printing

The color options include CMYK, Lc, Lm, and it also allows white ink and vanish printing. Therefore, the YD-F2513R5 printer can achieve 3D, embossed, glossy effect etc, meeting the special printing needs of various industries.

8. UV LED curing system

YOTTA’s YD-F2513R5 employs UV LED light for ink curing system, can help ink dry quickly and save more energy. It is environmental, effective, and has a long using life.

Model YD-F2513R5

Print size 2500 mm × 1300 mm (8′ × 4′)

Print head Ricoh Gen5 print head

Print resolution 600 × 2400dpi

Print speed

4 Pass 36㎡/h

6 Pass 27㎡/h

8 Pass 20㎡/h

Print mode Unidirectional and bidirectional

Ink color C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, V(optional)

Number of print head 3-8 pcs

Ink type Environmental UV curing ink (NO VOC)

Special ink UV white ink or UV varnish

Material thickness Up to 100mm (4”)

Material type Rigid and flexible material

Suitable material Glass, acrylic, wood, ceramic, metal, PVC, corrugated board, plastic etc.

Software Interface PhotoPrint, Seeget

Input format Adobe Postscript Level 3 , PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI

Power requirement 220V/AC (±10%),50 / 60 Hz ; 6 KW

Printer weight 1250KG

Printer dimensions 4510 mm [L] × 2045 mm [W] × 1400 mm [H]

Working environment Separate, little sunlight, ventilated workshop. Temperature:18 ℃~ 30 ℃(64 ℉~ 86 ℉ ) Humidity: 30% ~ 70% (Non-condensing); Ventilation equipment: Suggest Overhead exhaust fan, displacement 600 cfm