The YD-H3200R5 printer is a combination of flatbed printer and roll to roll printer. It has the capability of printing onto both flat and coiled materials. With 3200mm maximum print width, it is ideal for the business that has an extensive printed materials.

Special features of YOTTA's YD-H3200R5

1. Fast speed & high print accuracy

YD-H3200R5 hybrid large format UV printer adopts high-performance Ricoh Gen5 industrial heads which has a fast printing speed. It has a large print size of 3200mm × 1200mm. The highest resolution is up to 2400×600DPI, help to create amazing prints.

2. Variable ink droplet printing

The YD-H3200R5 delivers 7pl-35pl variable ink droplet printing, creating more more natural color transition, saving ink at the same time.

3. Printing on both colied and flat substrates

As a hybrid printer, this is its most prominent feature. From this opint, it is a cost-effective machine designed for those businesses that cover a various types of materials.

4. Eco-friendly special UV curable ink

Our UV printing equipment use eco-friendly uv ink which is no VOC and environmental-friendly. It has better compatibility with various media. Therefore, it can directly print onto the surface of a lot of materials (not all) without any coating treatment. Besides, its curing-time is shorter.

5. Negative pressure system

It can make the ink supply more smootly, so as to aviod the phenomenon of leaking ink and save ink.

6. Constant tension control

This is designed for roll to roll printing, with the function to protect materials effectively from wrinking while printing.

7. Efficient UV LED curing system

Effective, low heat and energy-saving solution, can be used for heat sensitive materials without any damage.

Model YD-H3200R5

Print width 3200mm (11ft)

Print head Ricoh-Gen5 industrial print head

Print resolution 600 × 2400dpi

Print speed

4 Pass 76 ㎡/hr

6 Pass 58 ㎡/hr

8 Pass 44 ㎡/hr

Ink color C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White Ink, varnish (optional)

Number of print head 3-12 pcs

Ink type Eco-friendly UV curing ink (NO VOC)

Special ink UV white ink, varnish

Material thickness 50mm (2in)

Material type Rigid and flexible material, roll to roll material

Suitable material Glass, acrylic, wood, PVC, wallpaper, sticker, vinyl banner, etc.

Software Interface PhotoPrint, Seeget

Input format Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI

Power requirement 220V/AC (±10%),50 / 60 Hz ; 8.5 KW (38A)

Printer weight 2150KG

Printer dimensions 5800 mm [L] × 1700 mm [W] × 1600 mm [H]

Packaging size 6100 mm [L] × 1990 mm [W] × 2060 mm [H]

Working environment Separate, little sunlight, ventilated workshop. Temperature:18 ℃~ 30 ℃(64 ℉~ 86 ℉ ) Humidity: 30% ~ 70% (Non-condensing) Ventilation equipment: Suggest Overhead exhaust fan, displacement 600 cfm