• UV flatbed and roll to roll printing machine
  • 5.0M ultra wide format print width
  • High speed Kyocera head series, 96M²/hr in 6 Pass mode
  • 635×2400dpi high print resolution

Equipped with 2-8pcs Kyocera KJ4A inkjet printheads, YOTTA YD-H5000KJ hybrid printer delivers high speed large format printing on rigid and flexible materials. It has a super large print width of 5.0M. Plus flatbed printing and roll to roll printing function, it shows greater flexibility in the type and size of materials. With high print speed, it can greatly increase production efficiency.

Materials can be printed with YD-H5000KJ

Rigid materials: glass, metal, wood, plastic sheet, acrylic, KT, PVC, etc.

Flexible materials: vinyl, canvas, PVC film, paper, cloth, etc.

Features of YOTTA YD-H5000KJ

High print speed and strong output capacity

The print speed of YD-H5000KJ is up to 144M² per hour. With YOTTA YD-H5000KJ, more printing tasks can be done in less time, thus shortening delivery time. It fully meets the requirement of mass production. What’s more, with such a big print width, you can print several rolls of flexible materials at the same time.

High resolution, superior printing effect

YD-H5000KJ flatbed and roll to roll printer delivers 635×2400dpi high print resolution. The images printed out is delicate, natural and colorful. With the capability of printing CMYK, Lc, Lm,white ink, attractive 3D and embossed effect can be achieved, meets the needs of promotion and advertising.

Stable and reliable working performance

YD-H5000KJ employs a series of high-quality parts to ensure stable and high-precision printing, including but not limited to:

Integrated tempered stainless steel frame, which is more strong and stable, no easy to deform.

Strong oxidation treated print platform.

High-precision linear guide rail, lead screw, metal scale, IGUS towline which is more wear-resistant.

Constant tension control system designed for flexible material printing.

Negative pressure system to ensure more smooth ink supply.

Automatic rectify deviation system to ensure precise printing.

UV-LED ink curing system, efficient and energy-saving.

Long service life

With stable and strong parts and reasonable structure design, it has a long service life and it can be more than ten years.

Environmentally-friendly technology

YOTTA YD-H5000KJ use original eco-friendly UV curing ink which is no VOC and less impact on the environment.

Employing UV-LED lamp which is no mercury and other harmful substances, also energy-saving.

Easy to use designs

The YD-H5000KJ is featured with many user-friendly functions, which make it easy-to-use, time-saving and labor-saving.

Anti-collision device to stop the cartridge form damage when colliding with obstacle.

Automatic materials thickness measurement function.

Multiple emergency button designs.

Model YD-H5000KJ

Printhead Kyocera KJ4A grey level piezo print head

Printhead Quantity 2-8 pcs (4-7 colors optional)

Print Resolution 635×2400 DPI

Print Speed

4 Pass

6 Pass

8 Pass

72M²/hr(single row);

144M²/hr(double row);

48M²/hr(single row);

96M²/hr(double row);

36M²/hr(single row);

72M²/hr(double row);

Print Width 5000 mm (16 ft)

Applicable Material Rigid materials, flexible materials

Material Thickness Up to 50mm (2in)

Ink Type Eco-friendly UV curing ink (No VOC)

Ink Color C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White ink

RIP Software PhotoPrint, Onyx

Input Format Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI

Printer Weight 5000KG

Printer Size 8600 mm[L]×2300 mm[W]×1900 mm[H] (28.2 ft×7.6 ft×6.3 ft)

Package Size 8720 mm[L]×2450 mm[W]×2000 mm[H] (28.6 ft×8.0 ft×6.6 ft)

Power Requirement 220V/AC(±10%), 50/60 HZ, 8.5 KW (38 A)

Working Environment Separate, little sunlight, ventilated workshop, Temperature: 18℃~30℃(64℉~86℉); Humility: 30%~70% (Non-condensing); Ventilation equipment: suggest overhead exhaust fan, displacement 600cfm.