As a wide format UV printer, YOTTA’s YD-F3020R5 has a vacuum adsorption platform of 3000mm × 2000mm, which can bear the weight of 50KG per squre meter. This flatbed printer deliver delicate images with the maximum high resolution of 2400 × 600DPI. The substrate thickess it can accept is within 100mm.

Features of YD-F3020R5 flatbed printer

1. Adopting Ricoh Gen5 industrial print head

The YD-F3020R5 wide format flatbed printer is equipped with 3-8pcs Ricoh Gen5 printheads which have outstanding print performance. With variable droplet printing (7pl-35pl) capability, Ricoh Gen5 micro piezo print head jet more intensive ink droplet. The life time of Ricoh Gen5 print head can reach about 5 years if being maintained well.

2. Fast print speed & high resolution

In normal print mode, YD-F3020R5 flatbed printer can UV print in 29 M² per hour. With the maximum resolution up to 600 × 2400DPI, it can clearly print 2pt font.

3. Eco-friendly UV printing ink

Our UV printers use high-quality printing ink which delivers color saturation and brighter color. It can be completely cured in 1 second to a few seconds, greatly improve production efficiency. Besides, it is eco-friendly.

4. 6+2 multi printing colors available

YOTTA’s YD-F3020R5 support C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm 6 color printing, delivering colorful printed patterns. Besides, it also supports white ink and varnish printing, extremely suitable for home decoration industry.

5. Double negative pressure system

This function design controls the negative pressure of white ink channel and color channel separately. It can achieve more accurate negative pressure, more smoothly ink supply and better UV print results.

6. Anti-collision device

With this function, carriage will automatically stops when colliding with obstacles, so as to prevent carriage and print head from damage, also protect human safety.

7. Vacuum adsorption platform

YOTT’s flatbed UV printer employs vacuum adsorption platform to prevent soft material from moving easily. Its blowing function makes heavy material be moved more convenient. The platforms is very strong and it can bear nearly 50kg per quare meter.

8. More other features

In addition to the details described above, YD-F3020R5 wide format flatbed printer also have many other advanced features, such as:

UV led ink curing system

media positioning function

automatic material thickness measurement function

labor-saving substrate loading device